Dr. Dan Lawson, Director of Schools
Welcome to Tullahoma City Schools and to the 2018-19 school year!

Tullahoma City Schools have a tradition of high academic

standards and a focus on individual and corporate student success.

This school district is known across the state, and the country for

outstanding academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs.

During the 2016-17 school year, we were honored as our

instrumental music program performed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, as

our East Lincoln Elementary Archers won the Tennessee State

Championship and as several Career and Technical Education

programs set the standard in competitions. While that is a

tremendous record of performance, we expect MORE this year!

Each day I challenge myself and those with whom I am blessed to

work to develop in ourselves and those that we lead a greater

sense of Character, Competence, Chemistry, and Courage.

While those ā€œCā€™sā€ are easy to remember and to share, the

challenge is in the doing! As we are introduced to five-year-old

children, we strive to assist them in becoming young people of

character, of competence, of chemistry and courage. Sure,

tests matter, but not nearly as much as developing young people of

character, and no test is a complete measure of competence in

the subject matter. As we consider the value of chemistry, we

focus on the value of working together, of working in teams and a

consideration of "does that person make those around them

better?" And finally, the question of courage is critical in the

development of a child, as we well know that not all decisions in life

are easy, and making the right decision often involves a

demonstration of courage. As students leave us as graduates, we

know that numbers are easy to consider but our task is greater than

a numerical evaluation. Truly our most relevant questions on

graduation day become this: As a result of our efforts and

investments, are the young people that we interact with people of

better character, competence, chemistry, and courage?

Our work as professional educators is indeed a difficult task, but

surely it pales in comparison to the task assigned our parents.

Parental and community investments and cooperation make our

school district special and tremendously supports the work of our

dedicated professionals. I truly treasure the hard work of the

school board, administrators, educators, and support staff that

make Tullahoma City Schools a successful enterprise and look

forward to the great things in store for the 2018-19 school year!